Hello!  My name is Joee Grant and I am a multi-media artist.  I create with many different mediums and styles.  I paint in oil, watercolor, acrylic, ink and I am a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (which is a huge honor to be a included in for me). I tend to gravitate toward using natural elements such as the ocean, sky, and plant life as my inspiration and starting off point.  I find myself drawn to the colors found in nature such as in sunsets, tropical and local flora,  and oceans/water and use these in my work.

I live with my husband and sweet doggie on 4 acres of beautiful, wooded land in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  These woods are full of flora and fauna and give me the peace I use to make my art.  I take quite a lot of inspiration from where I live and incorporate it into my work.  My most treasured place is my home for that reason but if I could live anywhere in the world it would be right up close to the sea in Hawaii.  I have been to Maui and Kauai and find my most creative self there.  I bring a lot of ideas and passion for my art home with me each time.  My goal is to visit once a year until I can finally move and create there permanently. 

My entire life is consumed with my art, thinking about art, creating art, and sharing my art with all of you.  My "office" is the outdoors and my indoor studio.  I do all of my work from here, this beautiful place in a little town in Pennsylvania (unless of course I am on a plane to somewhere exotic-where I will draw in my sketchbook right there in my cramped seat or on a beach or chair somewhere) I never miss an opportunity to take my work with me.  Either it be planes, beaches or a doctor's office...I can't be separated from my life of art.

You can find my illustrations and paintings on art prints, home decor items,

tech accessories, apparel and more.  I partner with several brands that transform my paintings into best selling products.  I am always looking for new ways to share my art and recreate it in fun ways for you to use and enjoy!


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